So come explore, challenge, and develop you warrior spirit! 

New England Warrior Camp (NEWC) 

Come Explore, Challenge and Develop your warrior spirit. We are back form our short break and preparing for our 2020 camp. Read on to find out more!

You are invited to a unique gathering of Budo Taijutsu practitioners, immersing yourself in three days of training in the ancient Bujinkan & Takamatsuden Warrior Traditions…  This year’s event will feature instruction by many of New England’s finest instructors. Training will take place at TBD. Check out our registration page or click on our Facebook page to learn more.  Now you can pay online. Please visit the registration page

We are looking forward to planning NEWC for 2020. Have an interest drop us a line.

Be safe, Be well, and Gassho! 

Ken Savage

NEWC Founder & Director