We have added the popular Live Sword Target Test Cutting or Tameshigiri 試し斬りsession with sword maker and Shidoshi Matt Venier… If you would like to participate in this session send a check for $45.00 (materials fee) to New England Warrior Camp P.O. Box 147 Winchendon, MA. 01475… Make the check payable to Matt Venier

this session is open for 20 folks first come first served… 

Boston Martial Arts Center

Mr. Davis has been the senior teacher for all fifteen New England Warrior Camps and has agreed to teach this year in its new incarnation. 

Proudly introducing New England Warrior Camps senior teacher, Mr. Mark Davis, a Bujinkan Shidoshi & founder of the New England Ninpo Society. Mr. Davis is the owner and chief instructor at The Boston Martial Arts Center (  Mr. Davis is now into a fifth decade of martial arts study, training, and instruction. He has devoted a lifetime to the study of many diverse martial arts systems. 

If you would like to study with Mr. Davis at this year’s event, sign up today and explore, challenge, and develop your warrior spirit…

Attention New England Warrior Camp 2020 participants


Mr. Davis is best known for his study of the Bujinkan based martial arts under the direction of Soke Masaaki Hatsumi and his senior student Anshu Stephen K. Hayes… Mr. Davis began training with Mr. Hayes in the early 1980’s and has traveled to Japan to study with Soke Hatsumi as well as many of the other senior Japanese instructors.